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Friendly Rides & Guides is a Lantau based riding and coaching company here to support your development and journey to success!

Setup and run by Lantau Island Adventures Ltd, we are here to provide a fun and safe outdoor experience for all ages.

Whether you want to learn the basics so that you feel more confident on your mountain bike, improve your jumps and drops or master technical terrain we have you covered

Have fun achieving your goals, safely stepping up your game, and picking up the perfect techniques to bring your riding to the next level.

The quality of mountain bike lessons and tours within the industry relies heavily on the training and knowledge of the Instructors and Guides, who lead these services. As a result we can provide our coaching services through a certified Professional Mountain Bike Instructor (PMBIA) here in Hong Kong.


Regardless of what people ride, where they ride or how they ride, teaching with the PMBIA’s Six Skill System and proven teaching methodologies, allows an Instructor to safely and effectively progress any student, in any environment. 

Learn more about PMBIA here



Mui Wo, Lantau Island


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