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Adventure Awaits

Hong Kong offers a large variety of different riding spots and an endless trail network. Come join us for a guided ride so we can show you the variety of trails in your backyard. We can guide you on; world-class cross-country trails, flowy jump trails, technical descents or a scenic sunday ride. We are fortunate enough to be based on the beautiful Island of Lantau. Just a 30 minute ferry ride from the buzzing city of Hong Kong there lays an intricate trail network where we operate. With years of experience riding these trails we can design a route that is specific to your needs. 

Whether you are looking for a relaxed scenic ride around the coastline or a technical single track, we have you covered. Bikes and helmets can be provided. Give us a shout and tell us what your looking for, how much you ride and your skill level so we can design a route specifically for you. This way we can choose a suitable, safe  and fun ride!


If your idea of a perfect ride includes experiencing a wide variety of trails, then the bike park has it all covered. Just a 25 minute climb or a 5 minute shuttle from town and you'll find this newly built bike park up to IMBA standards! 

The MWBP has everything to offer from beginner skills areas, intermediate flowy single tracks, jump lines, 2 pumptracks and a world-class downhill trail. 

Let us know your ability and preference and we will pick the perfect trails for a fund day out!


Chi Ma Wan offers all kinds of MTB single track and there is a variety of new and old trail networks. Heralded as one of the best cross-country trails in Hong Kong, it has some technical climbs, descents and features throughout. Start with a 11km contour trail to the Chi Ma Wan Peninsula where you then can choose your different routes. 

This ride provides breathtaking sea-views and lush mountain backdrops throughout that's why this is one of our favorites! There are several routes to these trails so let us know what you want.

By far one of the more popular guided routes as you can choose to end your day of riding with a lunch down on the beach!

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Tai Lam Country Park hosts the largest network of trails and roads open to mountain biking. It is one of the more popular riding spots in Hong Kong because it is so close to the city and offers a good variety of trails! 

The Tai Lam Country park offers challenging cross-country routes, a large loop suitable for all abilities, a fast paced 2km technical downhill trail, and many roads free from traffic to gain fitness and stamina.

Tai Mo Shan is the largest mountain in Hong Kong at 957m it boasts stunning views over Kowloon and the New Territories. Join us up in the clouds for an unforgettable experience. 

Guided Rides: Tour Packages


Did you want an unforgettable experience with the family or an epic day out with friends ending with a sunset and a meal then let us know! We have you sorted no matter what you want; our local knowledge, partners and expertise will make you grin ear to ear!

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